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J1.5 compatible compat_25 compat_30 GPL - Free

The module is based on the jQuery tutorial "Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery" from Sam Dunn.
(http://buildinternet.com/2009/03/sliding-boxes-and-captions-with-jquery/)  and implements a simple image gallery allowing to replace with a sliding effect the initial picture by another one on hovering.

It supports multiple uses on the same page or on several pages by defining a unique id for each module.

Module allows to define following settings:

* images folder

* gallery alignment: left or centered
* gallery parameters: width, height and background color ans css, number of rows and number of images per row

* image box parameters: width, height, margin, css

* gallery sliding effect (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, fade and swap) and duration
* max 16 images: images file names (initial, on hovering), url and target

Main demo is based on the images of the Sam Dunn tutorial.


Note: in swap gallery effect mode, take care to not define multiple times the same image file name as base image (the module will always find the hover image associated to the first use of  the base image).



V1.0 - 20 March 2011: inital release of J1.5 version

V1.1 - 03 April 20011

- added support for fade an swap effects

V1.2 - 06 April 2011 and V1.2.1 - 07 April 2011

- bug correction on image link with