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Demonstration page of Joomla! 1.5 module mod_coinslider

 J1.5 compatible GPL - Free

 The module is based on the COIN-SLIDER "Jquery Image Slider with Unique Effects" script  described in the Ivan Lazarevic(http://workshop.rs/projects/coin-slider/) and implements a slider image gallery with several slide transition graphical effects.

Coin Slider script is available free under MIT licence.

Module allows to define following settings:

* images folder
* max 12 images
* gallery parameters: width, height and position (left or centered)
* image parameters:teaser text, teaser background color and text color, url link and target.


Pictures demo is based on the demo provided by Ivan Lazarevic.


Important note

Two versions are currently available:

- version 1.3.x:

Implements the original coinslider jquery plugin that allows to display the slideshow with a caption text and navigation info (next/previous in textual form, navigation buttons at module bottom). Ideal for people that need to display a simple slideshow with or without bottom text caption (if you define a teaser text the caption is displayed otherwise not) and with or without navigation buttons. Ideal for people that does not know CSS.

- version 1.4.x:

Provide access to module internal  css and therefore allows for a maximum of aspects parametrisation (as show on the site demos).

The css configurations of the several modules demos used on the site are documented as examples. Please read the documentation before requesting any support.

Need some css knowledge if you want to adapt the module layout.



V1.1 - 01 May 2010 : Version corrected for jquery noconflict working support
V1.2 - 03 May 2010 : Version corrected for Transitional  XHTML validation compliance
V1.3 - 06 June 2010: Correction of invalid directory path for jquery loading
         - 05 January 2011: Removed default teaser text image 1

V1.3.1 - 10 May 2011

- bug correction for jquery non-conflict mode support if the library was not loaded by the module


V1.4 - 10 March 2011:

- addition of arrows images for navigation in place of text

- addition of image title field

- access to positionning and styling of gallery, teaser, navigation indicators/buttons

Please read the readme_css.txt help file in the module root directory for css parametrisation information.

More documentation to come in the next few days.

V1.4.1 - 20 march 2011:

- removed default values for picture 1 (did not allow to remove text caption for picture 1)

V1.4.2 -31 March 2011 (never released)

V1.4.3 - 03 May 2011

- bug correction for jquery non-conflict mode support if the library was not loaded by the module (now always set in non-conflict mode)

- save raw html supported for teaser text


You will find here the parametrization documentation of all mod_coinslider V1.4.x modules as demoed on the site.


Please report any problem in the appropriate forum.

If you use and like mod_coinslider, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.


This product  is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project. It is not supported or warranted by the Joomla Project or Open Source Matters.