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Responsive Slicebox Slider

Slicebox slider displays a slideshow with 3D running slice effects.



Compatible Joomla 3.0

LicenceGPL V2.0


   compat_25 Compatible Joomla 3.0 GPL - Free

Slicebox slider displays a slideshow with running slice effects. It is a responsive image slider Joomla! 2.5/3.0 module based on the Slicebox Revised plugin, the jQuery 3D image slider plugin of Pedro Bothelo from Codrops.

Module allows to define following settings:
  • conditional jQuery library loading (jQuery no conflict included)
  • conditional modernizr shiv loading (IE support)
  • data source: folder or module images parameters (next version will include J! article contents and K2 items)

  • gallery parametrisation:
    • max 9 slides (to cope with navigation control width at max resizing)
    • fixed (natural sort) / random sorting criteria
  • slider parametrisation:
  • Navigation controls:
    • type (none, bullets, play/pause)
    • hide/show arrows next/previous
    • background color
  • Caption parametrisation
    • caption box css
    • google font selection or not
    • caption title css
  • Images parameters (file name, title, url, target)

Demo: see it in action


The images used in the demos are by ND Strupler. They are licensed under the Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).


Implementation notes:

- multiple module instances are supported,

- all images must have same physical size  and the original image size must have the width of the slider at full module size,
- the module requires jQuery version 1.7.2 at minimum and preferably jQuery 1.8.2. Check your html page generated code and adapt as needed,
- full CSS animation support for IE10, Safari and FF. Fallback implementation for IE8, IE9 and Opera until support for CSS 3D transform is implemented.


The modernizr library must be loaded and available when the first mod_slicebox_slider module is rendered.


  • If your template loads automatically the modernizr jquery library, you can disable the activation of the library load in all modules
  • in all other cases, activate the modernizr library loading in all modules (you are not always aware which module will be rendered first on each page in case modules are reused on several pages).
    Only one call to load the library will be issued.

Tested on following free templates:

  • beez5 (not responsive but you can play by resizing the window)
  • ja_elastica from Joomlart (fully responsive)
  • gk_musik from Gavick (fully responsive)

You need jQuery 1.7.2 version at minimum. Check the page html code to be sure that the jQuery library is loaded once only and with an adequate version.

During testing, I found that some templates (in particulary beez5) badly use css specificity and overrides systematically the slider generic css and therefore template need sometimes slight adaptations.

Do not hesitate to ask for support.

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