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Responsive Slicebox Slider

Please resize the window to check slider responsivity


Slicebox slider displays a slideshow with running slice effects. It is a responsive image slider Joomla! 2.5/3.0 module based on the Slicebox Revised plugin, the jQuery 3D image slider plugin of Pedro Bothelo from Codrops.

- multiple module instances are supported,
- the module requires jQuery version 1.7.2 at minimum and preferably jQuery 1.8.2. Check your html generated code and adapt as needed,
- full CSS animation support for IE10, Safari and FF. Fallback implementation for IE8, IE9 and Opera until support for CSS 3D transform is implemented.

Tested on free templates:
- beez5 (not responsive but you can play by resizing the window)
- ja_elastica from Joomlart (fully responsive)
- gk_musik from Gavick
- carve from (warp framework); this is the current template used for this j!25 test site.

For IE8, IE9 support css3 support, you need to enable the modernizr shiv. Check if your template does not already load the modernizr shiv. If yes, disable the loading in the module parameters.

You need jQuery 1.7.2 version at minimum. Check the page generated html code to be sure that the jQuery library is loaded once only and with an adequate version.

During testing, I find that some templates (in particulary beez5) badly use css specificity and overrides systematically the slider css and need sometimes slight adaptations.

Please report any problem to the support forum but you need imperatively to provide a site live url and template identification.